Posted by: rusch | May 17, 2006

Alas Power PC, I knew it well!

Last August I purchased a new computer. I really researched and shopped around, and in the end I settled on an Apple ibook. Of course a Powerbook would have been nice, but when you are on a budget, there are times when you must make sacrifices.

Last year, Steve Jobs, the great high priest of the Church of Mac, announced that they would start putting Intel processors in their machines. He unveiled the new iMac, complete with an Intel dual core processor, and made us all wonder in amazement.

Shortly thereafter my PC friends were saying that it would be so gradual, and that Apple was having problems and would not be able to deliver the computers when they promised, and then fumed about why owning a Mac was akin to being a member of the great and abominable church and so forth; but yesterday I was surprised at what I saw. Apple, like a thief in the night, has phased out all Power PC machines but one, the Power Mac, which one can only assume will receive an Intel chip sometime soon.

I love my Mac. It has been almost a year and I have had no problems. None. No viruses, no spyware, and few if any annoying pop ups. This has been by far the best computer I have ever owned.

So before we leave, let us celebrate in verse the Power PC.

Farewell Power PC I knew thee well,
The tales of websurfing none save you and I can tell.
The hours of joy thou gavest me,
when I fired you up,
my power pc.
Yet to the depths thou must go,
Along with Lisa, and two E, oh no
The intel dual core is here to stay,
I bid thee farewell, so long old friend, and good day.

Poetry to rival Dante and Shakespeare surely.


  1. Traitor!!!

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