Posted by: rusch | April 26, 2006

What’s Going On

I have been uber busy the past couple of weeks with work, Church, and other personal business that I have not been able to get an entry to the point of being worthy to post. Thankfully Ryan Probasco pointed out some serious flaws with one posted prematurely. Thank you Ryan.

A good portion of my day at work is spent strategizing with our team at school how we will handle new students coming to our class next year. Between this and data collection, the days fly by. It is hard to believe that there are just over twenty days left of school. Thankfully the people that I work with are dedicated to the point of being fanatics. It is great to work with people who so dedicated to their profession. It makes every day exciting and a learning experience. I love my work and am looking forward to starting another year with the same great people.

Church, as always, keeps me busy. The week I spent in Utah was the first time that I missed PEC in months. It was a good break. Also letting councilors handle some things has lifted some of the load. Not that it was too hard to carry in the first place. But it is always good to have people around you who are capable and can do their job.

This summer I will be doing something that I have always wanted to do since the mission but never had the chance because I was saving money for school. I well spend the middle of June until the end of July working as an EFY counselor. I wonder what this will be like. I imagine that a majority of the other councilors will be quite a bit younger then me. But like most generalizations, it may not be entirely true, or a complete falsehood.

In the coming weeks, I am expecting to complete a post about dealing with depression from an LDS perspective, various doctrinal topics, and whatever seems worth writing about. Also look forward to EFY posts from the perspective of the participant turned employee. If it is now, how it was when I attended, it should prove for some interesting thoughts, but more then likely, it is different.

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog and left comments. Good, bad, neutral, ugly, they are all welcome. What makes this partly worthwhile is hearing what you think about these things.

Thank you,


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