Posted by: rusch | October 3, 2005

Adieu Scroll

Scroll, BYU Idaho’s student newspaper, has failed to produce any opinion pieces that are worth commenting on. I am disappointed; greatly disappointed that normalcy has penetrated that cold and dreary wasteland of southeastern Idaho. Over the past few months, contributors have been expressing opinions about things that matter and in some cases I agree with what they have to say.

During the time that I spent in Idaho, there was never a shortage of absurd articles that just made you say,” They cannot be serious.” The sad thing is that in many cases the people contributing were dead serious about what they had expressed in their writing.

But then again, commenting on Scroll was like, as one writer whose name I cannot recall at this time, like hunting dairy cows with a scope and high-powered rifle. While it was fun, there was not much of a challenge in it.

Some articles were just so ludicrous putting the stationary cow’s head in the crosshairs was not challenge. All that was left was to pull the trigger.

Now I have to come up with things to comment on instead of commenting on the comment of others. Oh well, in the end it should be fun.

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