Posted by: rusch | August 5, 2005


It has been so long since my last blog, that I’ll bet that no one has been here in a long time. But I really don’t do this for other people, it serves as a way for me to dump the crazy ideas that float around in my head and give my take on the truth.

Tomorrow Austin and I are to a book signing. I know that it sound boring, but when you grow up and quit playing Play Station, you will hopefully want to learn about the world around you for yourself and not through mainstream media outlets like FOX and CNN. I think that both are unbalanced and biased, but I do prefer FOX because it tends to play to my biases. What can I say? I am human.

So we are going to get our new “Fair Tax” books signed by the one and only Neal Boortz. I am pretty excited about meeting the “talkmaster”. I have enjoyed his show for years, and agree with some of things that he says in spirit, but differ with him about the application. I really think that we would be better off if the Government got out of so many things and let the private sector take care of some of the things that government does such a horrible job of anyways.

Until further notice, keep checking the blog for further updates.

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