Posted by: rusch | March 30, 2005

Pink Floyd. Their a band. Not a person.

The first time that I ever a song by Pink Floyd was during my sophomore year of high school on the way from cross country practice. I was in the car with Nathan Ivey when “Breathe” for the album “Dark Side of the Moon” came over the speakers. I did not only like what I heard, but was fascinated by how mellow and beautiful the song was. I had to know the artist and the name of the album. Since then, Pink Floyd has been one of this writer’s favorite bands. For a time, there was nothing else that I considered worthy of passing through aural cavities (fancy way of saying ears).

One song in particular is call Us and Them. Even eleven years later, this song remains among my all time favorite songs. The song is so romantic that I just want to grab a girl and slow dance during this seven minute masterpiece. Maybe even make out a little.


  1. Timely post. I just recently broke down and purchased my first Pink Floyd vinal. Yup, I can spin their black circle. It was a special anniversary edition of “Dark Side Of The Moon”. It came in the original packaging and included all of the original posters, sticker and stuff. It also came with a bonus poster. And it was all for under $20. Can’t go wrong! Look for it in Hot Toppic (if you have that in Georgia). I know that if anyone would appreaciate it, you would. The first thing I want to do when I get home is play it and watch “The Wizard of Oz” to see what all the hub-bub is about.

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