Posted by: rusch | February 27, 2005


Living outside of Utah, Idaho or even any place that does not have a high concentration of Latter-Day Saints presents some challenges especially for young single adults who have made the commitment to marry in the temple.

With this end in mind, temple marriage, it really rules out who you can date seriously. Therefore, going to a singles bar or any other place where singles meet is pretty much ruled out. Therefore you are limited to the offerings of the YSA association.

I went to a dance about a week ago and came to the conclusion that not much had changed with these things in these last twelve years ago. Literally I have been to hundreds of these and can say that not much changes.

Depressing isn’t it. The music is on the edge of what many consider appropriate, but most importantly people stay in little circles talking all night to people that they have known for years not meeting many new people.

Perhaps some innovation is needed. Or perhaps at the next dance, I will snub those that are already known to me and try to meet and dance with those that are unknown and increase my circle of friends which will improve my chances of marriage in the right place at the right time to the right place.

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