Posted by: rusch | November 27, 2004

Ryan Chimes in

Ryan Probasco is another person that has interesting things to say about Chad Phares recent article in the BYU-Tehran (Idaho) newspaper that they crank out every week. Ryan read many of the same opinion peices over the years and had some great things to say about opinions published.

The following was written by Ryan Probasco and is worth reading.

It makes me wonder for which reason Chad Phares is writing about the church (in Chad’s own terms): “fame” or “financial gain?” I’m assuming it’s fame: and not only because the Scroll is free.

It’s interesting that despite not being a general authority (one way to avoid his criticism) Chad’s writing is mysteriously safe from the “spew false doctrine and intermingle fact with fiction” designation he freely pronounces on the work of his peers. I wonder what office of the priesthood Chad holds that gives him the authority to receive revelation on the truthfulness of LDS books for Scroll readers?

Last time I checked, the church owned bookstore Deseret Book was stocking and selling a whole array of Orson Scott Card books includingSaints. If this book is really critically” hurting the church why haven’t the Apostles pulled it? This is a question that Chad can’t
answer because to do so he must either call the Apostles stupid or he must admit that his motive for writing isn’t pure.

So why is Chad Pares making a big deal about LDS books he doesn’t like? My guess is that he’s trying to stir up controversy in hopes that it will win him fame as a writer. Chad’s writing unwittingly reveals his own hypocrisy and ill-intent before it even begins to displace any of his famous peers.

Chad Pares’ article:
Important topics? No. Why not write about something truly critical like the rise of pornography among church members?

Edifying? If written by an apostle–an apostle wouldn’t waste time writing about such a ridiculous topic.

Written by Card–Card didn’t get a large audience by criticizing his peers.

Nice try, Chad.

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