Posted by: rusch | November 8, 2004

back in it

Okay let’s get right back to it. Science and religion has been posted and the follow up is on its’ way. Expect it sometime later this week. I like the way that it is, but am thinking about strengthening the position with some authoritative quotations to make the point. I like it the way that it is and think that it holds water, so wait and see.

I had allot fun writing a total of ten typed pages in such a short period of time, a sign of what a motivated writer and his computer can do.

So what’s next? The election is over and there is really not much more to be said. Bush won, and Kerry lost. No amount of saying that it is not so will change reality. It refreshing to see that many did not by into the Michael Moore propaganda machine and voted for the right things. Another victory against the kind of socialism that has taken Europe and bankrupted them in terms of morality.

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