Posted by: rusch | November 4, 2004

Of all things

The election is now over. Bush is still our guy. And Liberalism is in its’ death throws.

Now that the storm has passed, we can all get on with our lives. Well, us conservatives. I was at the heart of the liberal web today, to check out what allot of liberals are saying about the defeat of their candidate and you would not believe it. They were making allot of the same claims that they were making after the 2000 election. “The nightmare continues” said one article. Another made the claim that once again “Bush stole the election”. If anyone hates to lose, it is the Democrats. They can’t stand the fact that American’s have a backbone when it comes to morals, and do not give into the rationalizing objectivism that has swept Europe turning it into a moral wasteland. The only people that the Democrats have to blame for losing the election are none other then themselves.

But with that aside let’s talk about science and religion and can the two ever be reconciled. This last Sunday my friend Scott shared an essay that he wrote about how the two must build bridges between each other. But I hold that bridges cannot be built, that they are already there, and that it is up to us cross them. I am going to get to work on it if I have the time. I am of the opinion that there is much that we have yet to learn about both science and religion, and that the same care that goes into studying science should also go into the study of Religion.

I shall be interesting to see what happends.

Stay tuned


  1. On the edge of my seat…well…not literally.

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