Posted by: rusch | November 3, 2004

Hawaii Standard Time

It is now 11:46pm HST (Hawaii standard time) and their is still no clear winner as to who is the President. Jared is saying that is Bush, and I would agree whole heartedly if it were not for Ohio, who as of now has not finished counting all of their votes. I hope that this is not a repeat of the 2000 election with endless recounts and finally a supreme court decision to put an end to the electoral mess of that election year.

Fox news is confident, and is touting Bush as needing only one more electoral vote. Cnn is showing its’ liberal colors by saying that it is still unclear who the winner of the state is. Drudge declared Bush the winner earlier this evening, but then updated his page to reflect that it is not quite over yet.

So who do I want. In a perfect world, Michael Badnarik would be the president elect and lead us out of federal government bondage. But alas, that is not the world that we live in. Badnarik, who was a clear voice of reason, who had some great ideas, was shut out by the two party system.


There will not be a winner declared until later this week. Kerry and Edwards will not concede until the higher powers that be tell them that it is over. And they will complain that twice have Republicans stolen the election.

So, lets watch the tv tomorrow and see how it will all play out. I am going to check Fox and CNN one more time and then go to bed.

Go Bush.

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