Posted by: rusch | November 1, 2004

Nothing to Watch Nothing to do

In May George Lucas will release the final chapter of the Star Wars saga thus concluding a story that has been thirty years in the telling. Finally questions that have been hot issues of debate in comic books shops and basement apartments around the country will be answered.

We will discover how Annakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. We will also know how many other things came to be that I will not take the time answer now. (Really it is because I do not know what other questions that need to be answered.)

Which brings me to another point, what am I going to have to look forward to. Lord of the Rings has concluded. Really all that remains is watch the extended version of Return of the King and then after that, it is all over. (A film version of the The Hobbit anyone?)

So what is out there worth watching right now? The answer is not a whole lot. Unless you dig foreign and independent films, then you have all you would ever want and then some. If I am going to pay the exorbitant cost of going to the cinema, or rent a DVD it had better be well worth my while. The last movie that I watched was Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow, and can honestly say that was barely worth the drive to Mililani and the eight bucks needed to gain admittance.

What about foreign films? Well that is really hit or miss. Some are really good, but most of the time they don’t have the same kind of budget that Hollywood films have and make sacrifices which can take away from the film. Case in point is the Korean film Musa, The Warrior. Musa would fall into the Braveheart category, if there is such a category, of films. The costumes were great, as was the acting and story. But they obviously did not have access to good special effects and an actual musical score (It sounded like the music you would hear in a Chinese buffet. I hope that gives you an idea of what the music was like.) Certain fight scenes, where people get decapitated, ended up looking just bad and almost comical.

But why do you have to go to the movies? Why don’t you stay at home and read a book? Take your mind to new places and learn something.


  1. I don’t read…and that includes on the internet…uh…wait…er…well, ya, nothing!–>

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