Posted by: rusch | October 29, 2004

The Wise Words of Neal

“Don’t believe anything that you hear on this program unless it is consistent with you already know to be true, or if you have researched it and found for yourself that you know what is said here not to be true”. This is what can be heard throughout the Neal Boortz radio show, and I am going to hold myself to the same standard.

He is the Talkmaster, I am the Blogmaster.

I am willing to remove any posts if I can be sufficiently proven wrong on whatever I am writing about. So if you think that you have got what it takes to take on the Blogmaster, then step right up and lets get it on!!!!

Praise to Ryan Probasco. We squared off and Ryan sufficiently proved me wrong about Apple computers. Celebrate the day Ryan, because the Blogmaster is ever ready for any challenge whether he knows allot about a subject or nothing at all.

So if you have info that could prove me wrong, then step into the ring and lets get it on!!!!!


  1. I would chalange you, but I usually agree with you…
    Next time…

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