Posted by: rusch | October 29, 2004


Well I guess that this is turning into a political blog, and there are many of them. But hey, I love politics. Well, not that much. I must say that I enjoy talking about current events with a very hardcore conservatarian slant. (I am a Libertarian on allot of things, but conservative on others.)

So, I have one question for you. What do explosives, Russian special forces, Syria, and the weeks leading up to the War mean? According to some it means allot.

The Washington Times ran a story that alleges that there was much more going on in Iraq before the war then we were lead to believe or even knew about. Apparently in the weeks and days leading up to the war, Russian special forces were deployed in Iraq to take care of a few matters of housekeeping. Among them, destroying documents that show a relationship between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and to move weapons out of the country, namely the explosives from a facility whose name I can’t recall.

If this is true, and the info is not just from our own, then this really changes what was going on in Iraq and has the power to change the commonly held beleif among the media that Saddam Hussein was up to nothing but rainbows and sunshine before the war.

I’ll spell it out. Aside from us, Russia is the only other country that has large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. While we have drastically reduced our own stockpiles of chemical weapons, we still maintain a large stockpile of nuclear weapons.

We know that the oil for food program was merely a means of lining the pockets of Saddam Hussein and other members of the UN.

Do the math. Saddam Hussein uses money from the oil for food program to pursue purchasing weapons of mass destruction from Russia.

John Kerry rightly brought up the the topic of loose Russian Nuclear weapons floating around. And if Saddam Hussein was courting Russians, possibly rouge units of the military, it is totally conceiveable that he could have gotten a hold of these weapons.

I know that it may far fetched, but in a world where people beleive the logic that Michael Moore uses in his movies, then anything goes.

I’ll take this one step even further to demonstrate how dangerous this situation could have gotten if I am right.

Saddam purchases a few tactical nukes or chemical weapons from the Russians. Saddam cannot do anything with them because of sanctions, but he can put these things into the hands of those who could do allot of damage.

Enter one Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden, who is a multi millionaire, buys, most likely, chemical weapons from Hussein with the promise that he will use them against the west. You figure out this equation.

If these things are true, then deposing Saddam was totally justified.

Well, so much for keeping conspiracy theories and politics out of this blog.


  1. damn russians…

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