Posted by: rusch | October 27, 2004

Writing a Novel

Well it is official. Couple of weeks I ago I got religion about writing my novel. I bought and borrowed a couple of books about it and thought back to my high school classes about how to write a story. I have found one thing to be paramount above everything else.

It is hard. Harder then any of you would ever think.

I take my hat off to anyone who in the course of their life has written just one novel. There is really so much that goes into it, even the worst of em. Yep, you sit down and try to write a book and you will see for yourself why people who do not write think that it is so easy.

So for those of you who are interested, I will be posting bits of my writing from time to time at my other blog. It is at

I will have things their from time to time.

Until I have something better to say.

Peace out.


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