Posted by: rusch | October 27, 2004


The liberal media is screaming now about missing explosives in Iraq. According to the Washington times, a very Pro-Bush newspaper (I hope that you sense the sarcasm) explosives were moved out of the country by Russian, can you believe it?, Russian special forces into Syria before the war even began. It is no wonder why the Russians and others are mad about the war. We cost their countries income.

Yet the leftists at the big three are not going to pay one bit of attention this fact that is going to be screaming in their faces. They are simply going to shut their eyes and say that it is not so. They will simply say that Drudge is biased, and will attack him til the sun goes down instead of looking into whether or not this is true. Really, Drudge is not the one that they should be looking at, but the Times and whether or not it is true.

If it is true then I guess that Russia will not be a part of the grand coalition that Kerry is going to build when he gets elected to get the job done. Liberals live in a dream world where they can say that things will happen, and believe that they will with all of their being, when they clearly will not. France, Germany have said that no matter who is in the white house will not commit troops to Iraq. I guess that the Russians were already committed to something in a Iraq. What it was, we will have to wait and see.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

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