Posted by: rusch | October 23, 2004


Today I can say that my Hawaiian experience is complete. I attended an actual Hukilau, or pulling of the net. For those of you who do not know, which would include everyone other then myself, a Hukilau is a village fishing experience. I giant net is taken out beyond the reef and put in the water. After twenty minutes of or so, everyone pulls this gigantic net in.

Today we did this. Unfortunatley the net broke a couple of times. Finally after so much work and anticipation we looked upon the net with disapointment. With a fifty yard net we caught only three fish. It looks like our village will starve this winter. First ship that comes along I’m on it.

Really it was great. I am going to hold my own “Hukilau” when I get back home. It will not be so much pulling a net as eating bbq. The fish will be most likely pork or chicken. But I am going to invite our neighbors and will make the best food that I know how.

So if you are in Atlanta around December or January give me a call and we will “Huk” it up.


  1. Good Stuff. I think I might join you on that ship out. I’ve done a hukilau or two in my day. I’ve caught a sea turtle twice. Once you get past that hard candy shell, the sweet inners are quite something.

    I don’t know if I’ll be in GA when you are, but I’m around, I’m there!

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