Posted by: rusch | October 22, 2004

Not a bad guy that Steven King

Steven King. Perhaps the twentieth century answer to Edgar Allen Poe, is a normal guy. “Wait a minute” you say. “Have you ever read any of his books.” The answer is yes, I have read some of his books. The guy is not crazy, just creative. A creative genius if you ask me.

Here are some of the facts. King has been married to the same woman for almost thirty years, has two kids, and lives somewhere in New England. He is a political democrat, booh, and has been clean and sober for over twenty years.

I saw him on one of those communist network morning shows doing an interview with Kruzchev’s wynch Katie Couric and thought, this guy is normal, if not nerdy.

So before you cast judgment, remember, there is a little crazy in all of us. It just manifests itself in different ways. It’s how we deal with our crazy that sets us apart. Me, I like to sit in my room with the lights off, and look out the window at people in the parking lot through the scope of a high powered hunting rifle. Now if that’s not normal I don’t know what is.

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